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Saxophonist is not just for blues or jazz anymore. I know when you think of someone playing a saxophone you mostly think of a club. But not anymore. Think weddings. If your planning your very own wedding or helping someone plan a wedding, a wedding saxophonist is a great musician with great musical talents. Slow and sexy or upbeat and snappy or even a combination of both. They have an elegant beautiful sound that is quite unique and sure to be remembered as part of your special day. This type of music played at your wedding will always be remembered as part of your day. Its as special as you are. But yet not overpowering or overwhelming. You never want the music to outdo the bride. After it is her day.

Entering the New World

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When I was younger, we used to complain about how hot is would get during the summer. Then we would go crazy turning up the portable fans as high as they would go! Luckily, we do not live in the twelfth century any more. Our new family home is modern and it has a working air conditioning Manchester unit! I know that today this is not a big deal. However, in Europe, many people do not have an AC unit. They suffer through the heat as they have done for decades! I do not know how those people do it! I am dying if it is over seventy degrees outside! I am so glad we live in a country that has an AC unit in each house! I do not know how people in the past put up with it. America is seriously the most modern and convenient place to live in the world!

The Sound of Music

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I recently went to my cousin’s wedding, and they had an amazing ceremony and reception. I have another cousin who plays the violin, so she was their wedding violinist. She was amazing. She reminded me of Lindsey Stirling, a professional violinist who plays beautifully. Everyone was dancing at the reception and my cousin played on. The wedding ceremony was obviously different music from the reception, but my cousin kept up with the tempo and beat with no problems. Some people picture a violinist as boring and playing something that is very classical when in reality some of them can keep up with the best guitarist. Playing the violin is not an easy task. I took violin lessons when I was a child, and it was not for me. I had zero interest, and I was pretty terrible, so that was not my calling. My cousin had the talent for it though, and she absolutely used it to the best of her ability.

Love My Life

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I love everything about my life and all that I have been given. I have a nice apartment that I call my own, and I love that space. I appreciate the work that my interior decorator put into the place and I enjoy coming home to it each evening. I love my family and the fact that they are always around for me. I love being able to call on them whenever I am in need of help of any kind. I love the job that I have. My job is what set me up with the apartment that I have, and I am very grateful for it. I am a saxophonist Manchester and I get to earn money by playing the kind of music that I love. I could not be happier in any other kind of career. I have the best life.

Anniversary Date

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My husband and I have been together for 30 years. Even though we have been married for a long time, he goes out of his way to make sure that every anniversary is special. He knows that I love surprises. He took the day off from work on our 30th anniversary. He woke me up and made my breakfast in bed.

He then took me to a florist Harrogate shop and let me pick out the flowers that I wanted. After that, we had lunch at our favorite restaurant. After lunch, we went cruising. My husband and I love to just drive around, listen to music and talk. It’s the simple things that make me really love my husband. We went back to the house after driving for a few hours and then we had a romantic evening. It was unforgettable.

Dave’s First Day

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Dave just got a new job last week, and today is his first day of training. He is working at the big factory they just built, and he was excited to get started. He was working exactly the hours he wanted to, and at great pay to boot. Things couldn’t be going better for Dave right now. He discovered the topic of today’s training as soon as he arrived at work. Today, they were to learn about water filtration media. This seemed simple enough. After all, Dave had been around water his whole life. What’s to know? The training started with a short video outlining the company and their mission. Then speakers came in to discuss the topic. All in all, it was a very engaging and informative day. If this training is this engaging, Dave wondered just how awesome his new job was going to be. He felt an excitement on his way home.